Ingredients and raw materials for our products are rooted in the history of Scandinavian herbal medicine, ingredients and philosophy.


Our all natural and unique bottle shots are filled with the power of Scandinavian nature for your immunity, strength and well-being.


Ingredients and packing materials are sourced in the Baltics and Europe to keep distances short and reduce the impact on the environment.

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Our story

PhytoPresso main strength and vision is creating products that can help you make as strong as the Nordic Vikings.

Ingredients for our product are rooted in the history of Scandinavian medicine and philosophy. Specifically designed to work in balance and harmony with people accustomed to the Scandinavian nature. Let Nature be our most crucial healer!

We use ingredients  from plants, while at the same time produce research-based, new, hand picked and not yet existing natural products with significantly improved quality, added value and efficacy.

Our daily health shots are of the highest freshness and ideally substitute for those reluctant to take capsule form as a food supplement. Organic wild plants are primarily used in the production of PhytoPresso products, thus providing all natural end product.


Our mission is to provide superb quality products in order to improve overall health and well-being for all

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Natural food supplements

Natural nordic plant based ingredients


Types of products

Health shots, capsules and power powders



Our distribution covers at the moment 12 countries and more to come


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More than 1500 clients have already appreciated our products